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Drone Flight Aerial Imagery

Our team of private investigators embarked on a highly sensitive mission to capture aerial images of a disputed plot of land and its accompanying building. In order to execute our strategy seamlessly, we had to ensure the utmost discretion and precision in every step of the process.

We meticulously planned our approach and carried out the task at a specific time, when we could move secretly without being noticed. It was imperative that we record and capture the images without drawing any attention that could potentially compromise our mission.

We used a range of sophisticated technologies to ensure that our covert activity remained unnoticed and successful. The images we captured were of exceptional quality, and they provided a detailed account of the condition of the property, highlighting potential encroachments and any other relevant information to present a clearer picture of the disputed property/construction.

Our unwavering diligence allowed us to produce visually compelling evidence that was nothing short of impeccable, which can be used effectively in court or other legal processes to support our client's case.

Investor Due Diligence

When considering investments in Thailand, it's essential to be aware of the cultural and legal landscape to avoid risks. To safeguard your interests, we highly recommend thorough background checks on potential business partners before making significant investments.

At our private eye service, we prioritize client safety by providing expert assistance in uncovering critical information about influential individuals. Our team of skilled investigators utilizes their expertise and resources to conduct investigations. In one such case, we successfully exposed a person's false identity, preventing our client from falling victim to fraud.

We take pride in our proactive approach, as we promptly connect victims with the authorities who pursue legal action against perpetrators. Our unwavering commitment to protecting our clients' investments ensures informed decision-making and minimizes potential losses. With our services, you can invest confidently, benefiting from intelligent and secure investments in Thailand.

Tracking Down Long Lost Family

Are you searching for a private investigator in Thailand who specializes in reuniting families with their loved ones?

Look no further than our expert team. We were recently approached by a family who was searching for a long-lost relative, and we utilized a variety of cutting-edge methods to locate them, including DNA family trees, facial recognition, verbal history, social media, and government records.

Thanks to our connections within the Royal Thai Police and national networks, we were able to access the necessary information to successfully complete the mission.

We prioritize our clients' confidentiality and provide accurate, reliable information. Our skilled and knowledgeable investigators are always ready to take on any challenge and are dedicated to achieving successful outcomes. Trust us to help you bring your family back together. Contact us today.

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